Where it all started……

We were trying for a few months to fall pregnant and was actually worried that something was wrong. We went to the doctor to get ourselves checked out and everything wasn’t ok with me. The doctor diagnosed me with PCOS. It’s basically a hormone imbalance causing cysts on the ovaries. The doctor gave me treatment, I faithfully took it and we forgot all about it.

After a month or so I wasn’t feeling well and decided to buy a pregnancy test without really thinking about it to hard. I was so casual about it. I bought a box of two since we were trying to fall pregnant and thought if it’s negative I can save money and keep the extra one handy.

That evening I went to the bathroom and did the test…………


I screamed silently and jumped up and down in the bathroom since there were other people in the house. lol

I couldn’t believe it and did the test again and I still couldn’t believe it. When my husband got home I showed him the two POSITIVE tests and told him that I will make an appointment to see the doctor in the morning to confirm.

We got an appointment in the same week and when we did the scan I was already 9 weeks pregnant. We could hear the little heartbeat, it was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. We could already see a little human forming, what a precious sight. We couldn’t believe it. It was such an overwhelming moment.

Currently going through all the feels all over again (sniff sniff).

We decided to do a photo-shoot to announce our pregnancy and gender to our friends and family as well as on social media. _MG_6249


Finding out we were pregnant came with such a rush of emotions and it was definitely one of the happiest moments in our lives.

Hope you enjoyed reading about how our little bumblebee came into our lives.

What was your reaction when you found out you were pregnant?


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