Happy, Healthy Pregnancy UNTIL……

We had a fairly happy and healthy pregnancy. I say We because I feel like we were both pregnant since hubby went through all the feels with me.

I didn’t have morning sickness and didn’t suffer any of the severe pregnancy symptoms until the third trimester. My doctors appointments was normally quick because I had no complaints and all the doctor’s checks were usually satisfactory. I sometimes wondered if there was something wrong with the doctor because he could never find anything wrong with me or the baby. Just shows how paranoid a person can be. It’s like you’re always expecting the worst thing to happen to you right?

My darling husband always made sure that my pregnancy cravings was satisfied. I practically lived off Strawberry Super M, Peri-Peri Chicken Livers and Avocado toast. He made sure to stock up on those. Date nights we only went to Spur so I can have either the peri-peri chicken liver starter or the steak topped with peri-peri chicken livers. Poor guy, the sacrifices he had to make.

Happy, Healthy, Pregnancy until the dreaded Third Trimester!!!!!

My hands, face and feet were swollen. I couldn’t even take a few steps without gasping for air. Cramping legs in the middle of the night, indigestion and sleeping in a sitting position. That is a summary of the third trimester of my pregnancy.

Then, the scariest day of my life……………….

I had my 33 week check up coming up on a Monday afternoon. The Sunday before I felt very uncomfortable and my stomach muscles felt like it was pulling together. Initially I thought it was just the baby moving around because sometimes it felt like her head was under my chest. I just carried on as normal, rubbed my bump and told myself I’ll tell the doctor at my checkup the following day.

At work the Monday morning I started having cramps. I ignored it and carried on working throughout the morning and waited for my appointment. I remember casually asking my colleague if its possible to get braxton hicks twice during pregnancy. Throughout my pregnancy I seldomly felt my baby kick or move as she was facing towards my back. She was laying in a posterior position so I couldn’t even tell if she was “OK” or not.

That afternoon I drove myself to the doctor. I had to park across the road from Greenacres hospital and it was raining. I ran across the road with a 33 week bump and stomach cramps so that I could get out of the rain.

I sat in the doctor’s room waiting my turn with two expecting moms before me and both of them looked like they were in labor. I just sat there calmly and by that time the cramps were so painful I could barely sit on the chair.

Then it was my turn to see the doctor. I told him how I felt and he examined me. He couldn’t believe I was so calm as I was in a worse state than the expecting mothers before me and they were practically jumping up and down. He told me I was in labour and immediately sent me up to the maternity ward to do some tests.

IN LABOUR!! WHAT?! REALLY?! HOW?! but I’m only 33 weeks pregnant and how did I not know I was in labour???

This is when I phoned my husband and told him not to panic and that I’ll give him an update later.

I went back to the doctor with the results. The doctor examined me again and said that I was completely dilated and in full blown labour and that the baby could be born at any time. The doctor couldn’t understand why my water didn’t break. To make matters worse, my baby was breech and normal birth was not an option. I wanted to have my baby naturally {insert ugly cry}.

Needless to say I was admitted to hospital.

Hubby and I
This is the only picture we have together with my bump. We scheduled a maternity shoot but I was in hospital on the scheduled date.
Bump Pic
28 weeks pregnant and one of my favorite bump pics.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Read more about this in my next post.

Please tell me about your pregnancy.




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