Celebrating 2 Years of life!!

I know it’s been forever since my last post and this is a throw back post lol. Don’t judge!

So much has been going on and our bumblebee is keeping us on our toes.

We celebrated Shaliah’s 2nd Birthday on the 26th August. I swear as soon as she turned two it seems as though she received a reload of energy. It’s like she completely transformed. She is busier than ever, is talking our ears off and we’re busy potty training. O and did i mention she’s keeping us busy? Ok vent done………

Birthdays are very special to me and I always try to celebrate them. We celebrated Shaliah’s 2nd birthday with a Teddy bears picnic at Holmeleigh Farmyard. Holmeleigh farm has an amazing party package and it’s not even that expensive. The package includes venue hire, tractor or pony ride and farm tour. The host was the best I ever had, so helpful and friendly. We just loved the venue and had so much fun with the theme. The venue and theme complemented each other perfectly.

My dear friend and sister Eridene Coltman offered her event planning skills and helped me put together the most memorable birthday party. She was just amazing and help me bring my vision to life. She listened to me and was so patient with my demands and requests. I can’t thank her enough.  She even coordinated the program and kept the children busy. How awesome is that??? Bonus was Shaliah adores her and was so comfortable with her that she even went on the farm tour with Eridene giving me a chance to chat to the moms while the kids went off on the tour. Eridene’s amazing husband Maverick took the most stunning pics. Thanks guys! Check out their blogs here http://journeywithdeenah.co.za and here http://maverickcoltman.co.za

Enjoy the pics….

PS: Advise on how to cope with a busy 2-year-old is more than welcome.




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