Mummy is my Stylist..

I often get asked where I buy Shaliah’s outfits and people often think I buy expensive clothes. Not true!

To be honest I do not have one specific store I buy from. I try my best to support local small businesses and always keep my eyes open for those end of range sales. I’m a cheap skate and only buy name brands when they’re on sale. My husband also has a very good eye for what’s trendy and buys some very cute and stylish items on Ebay or when he is traveling.

I do not have a specific style in which I dress Shaliah. I like unique, cute and girly outfits. I have a thing about outfits matching with shoes and accessories.

I categorize her clothes in piles as follows: Clothes for school, for church, to play in at home and for when we go out. I normally buy her clothes for school from Ackermans. I love their two pack items as it helps save some money. For cute and trendy outfits, for when we go out I buy mostly from Mr Price . For cute outfits for church, I look at Boho Chick Empire, Rabbit Kids and The Little closest and items hubby buy. Clothes to play in at home is normally the worn out clothes from the school clothes pile. I also buy from Spree online.

In all honesty I do not think one needs to spend a fortune on clothes for children. It’s all in the way you style the items that’s in your child’s cupboard.

Below are a few of my favorite more recent looks. Click on image for more information on the look.

Thank you for reading.

Please share your kids fashion tips.


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