Toddler Natural Hair Care (4A Type Hair)


Long Post Alert!

Shaliah was born with the most beautiful, tight curls I’ve ever seen (yes, I’m biased lol). Everyone used to say she got her beautiful head of curls from her dad.

IMG-20151207-WA0012(Shaliah at about 4 months)

I’ve always admired my husband’s curls. He was pretty much my hair crush since forever (those who know him will understand why) until my little bumblebee of course. I fell in-love with her tight curls and decided to do research on how to care for her natural hair.

Two years ago there wasn’t such a wealth of information out there and natural hair products were practically non-existent in South Africa. I had so many questions and couldn’t find anything in the shops to use on her hair. I searched on Google, Facebook and Instagram but couldn’t find much information. I came across some very helpful blogs but my saving grace was a Facebook page called Chocolate Hair Care. I’ve learned so much on this page. If you would like to know how to take care of your daughter’s natural hair, do yourself a favor and join this page. The lady running the page is so knowledgeable and responds almost instantly to questions one posts on the page.

The past two years of caring for Shaliah’s natural hair have been trial and error. I’m still learning about her hair and what works best for her hair type. I’ve learned that the key to caring for natural hair is to understand what hair type you or your child has and to then use oils and products that works best for that hair type.

Shaliah’s hair changed from those cute tight curls to coily, high porosity hair.

Traits of high porosity hair:
  • Absorbs too much moisture, but is unable to retain it.
  • Looks and feels dull and dry.
  • Generally damaged and over processed with torn cuticles (but not always)
  • Tangles easily because the cuticles get caught on each other.
  • Hair dries quickly.
  • Tends to be frizzy

I’ve learned that she has 4A type hair.


I’ve also learned that the best way to moisturise this hair type is to use below oils.



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